Terra Trans Terram

Terra Trans Terram they say
Meaning land beyond the land
We’ll build them an island faraway
With our machines and work-worn hands

Our rich earth we’ll give to them
Measured out by the ton
We simply haven’t the room for them
There’s nothing else to be done

We’ll build them Terra Trans Terram
A place for their own dreams
Over half of them are on the scam
Not as desperate as they seem

We’ll fashion an island just for them
And we’ll even give them clothes
They’re lucky we’re doing this for them
In their swarms and in their droves

They make me feel a little unwell
I’ll be glad when they are gone
That horrible sticky immigrant smell
Those nasty refugee songs

Look at all we have done for them
And look at all we give
I haven’t heard a thanks from them
Even though we help them live

Terra Trans Terram’s afloat
Square miles of our charity
A British built arc, an island boat
Our compassion in clarity

Homes and hope we give to them
Filtered water and their crops
Lord above we’re good to them
Our goodness knows no stops

A truly exceptional people are we
There’s no one on Earth like us
To take a people and make them free
With the minimum of fuss

Perhaps we’ve done too much for them
At the expense of all our own
We wouldn’t want to soften them
I quite fancy a brand new home

Let’s leave behind this slate grey place
Let’s leave behind our jobs
Let’s start a Terra Trans Terram race
Without those immigrant slobs

It wouldn’t be right to give to them
Now I don’t want to sound too harsh
It’s not our place to give to them
Terra Trans Terram is ours


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